ICYMI: Watch Experience4U, Higher Education edition
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ICYMI: Watch Experience4U, Higher Education edition

One of the many changes we've all experienced since COVID became part of our new normal is that the business travel and conferences that we once relied on to keep us informed on industry trends and technologies - and to build our professional networks - have been transformed into digital experiences.

Last month, we were so pleased to welcome over 3,000 Unit4 customers, partners, and new friends to our first ever virtual global conference, Experience4U.

Check out some highlights from the Higher Education track, including appearances from Raechelle Clemmons of The Tambellini Group, Vincent Fitzpatrick of Manchester Metropolitan University, and Corinne Krauss and Mike Gaspic of University of Waterloo, and be our guest on our on-demand platform where you can revisit your favorite sessions and explore any you might have missed.

"We're really good at building for today. And we have to start building for a future that is somewhat unknown... which means more flexible, adaptable, modifiable systems that can really adjust to change."

Raechelle Clemmons The Tambellini Group

Over two half days we heard from many of our customers, amazing keynote speakers including Lady Mariéme Jamme, founder of iamtheCODE, and Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, as well as thought-leaders in our own organization - from CEO Mike Ettling to James Shand, our Chief Customer Officer.

On Day 2, we switched our focus from product to industry and got to really sink our teeth into the challenges facing Higher Education right now, case studies of institutions pursuing digital transformation, and strategies for change management to make the most of those initiatives.

"Looking at the future used to mean months, years, quarters, academic years out. And all of a sudden, things changed and the future was tomorrow."

Nick Schiavi Global Head of Higher Education at Unit4

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Jessica Tatlow

Jessica Tatlow

Global Marketing Director, Higher Education & Nonprofit

Being in business for people in Higher Education and Nonprofit means helping our customers connect more easily with the important work they do to serve their communities. People only need technology in so far as it empowers them to innovate on processes that will help them deliver more impact. My goal is to communicate how enterprise digital transformation can help you do just that.